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Hey everyone. It’s been four days since the Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny has come out. And although I haven’t played through it all, I am enjoying it so far. The new enemies were tougher at the beginning but as soon as I upgraded my gear I easily overpowered the lower leveled ones.

The new mission area, the Plaguelands, is a Fallen Devil Splicer run zone with the Hive fighting for control. However it’s rather feeble in most areas with only a single team of them. I missed having the full on firefights between two factions like what they had in the previous maps. While they do have them, they’re only in single player/team instances and they’re generally not as fun alone.

The missions I’ve played so far are good. Though at the beginning it started out as any other campaign mission. It did pick up nearer towards the center of the first mission when I got into a shootout while on a gondola, and fighting a zombie-fied version a Sepiks Prime, one of the first Strike (Team Mission) Boss you come across if you played the strikes in the vanilla game.

Finally for today, I got an exotic (Basically top tier game gear if you don’t know) version of the first gun Destiny gives you: The khovostov 7g-o2. I’m just gonna call it the K-rifle. It’s unique as it represents what the guardian is, a weapon of war renewed and upgraded by the Light. That and it can be an Auto-rifle, pulse rifle AND scout rifle, while giving you the choice to toggle between 450rpm and 900rpm. It’s a very adaptable gun that can suit the gameplay of many Destiny players. Not to mention very powerful at it’s 350 damage to my previous rifle that had 320 damage when it was fully upgraded in the pre-Rise of Iron Destiny.

That’s all I have for you today. Stay tuned if you wanna hear more.

Hey people, sorry I’ve been gone for so long. But I’m back. And to make it up to you, I’ll be reviewing the new Destiny Expansion, Rise of Iron, when it comes out on the 20th. I’m looking forward to being back and posting my reviews, and hopefully I’ll figure out how to show my gameplay as well for my on the spot commentary. Hope to see everyone in the future, game on and all that stuff.

I need to figure out a way to close these things…

Before I go on, let me just apologize for being dead since March. Some jerk (i.e. me) forgot to turn on the respawn bit. I got a little lazy not to mention I hate being in public. If you want to take shots at me feel free to do so in any Halo in existence. So on to the jokes.

Gamer Tag Jokes.

These happen when players name themselves after something funny for the occasions of  ‘X killed you’ or ‘You killed X’ or ‘X killed Y’ that roll across the screen. Here are some:

The Hand of God




Your Dreams

Your Friend’s Dreams

The Unkillable


The Grim Reaper


Yeah… that’s all I got for now. If you have any feel free to post and if you use any of tags or if you find any of the offensive please tell me


Two weeks ago, I got 100% synchronization in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Not an easy thing to do. Just getting all the optional objectives done alone is difficult. I was overjoyed, I even maxed out the cargo the Jackdaw was carrying, making sure her hold was full of rum, sugar, cloth, wood and metal. But barely a week later, something equivalent to getting an F on a project you worked three non-stop weeks on, my file was replaced. Not deleted, replaced. What I found in place of my 100% file, was my dad’s forty-ish percent file. I was about ready to throw the Xbox out the door and smash it to pieces with my brother’s head. The worst thing was, it happened to me once before when I had a file at 50% synch, only it was replaced with my brother’s file, who was at 36%. That alone was infuriating.

Is it the revenge of the Templars who I had to take out? What ever it was, I’m not happy. The only upside is that I still have my fleet to help finance my ventures. Oh, and acinitiates missions will be more interesting to do, now that I have to claw my way back through the story. Feel sorry for any guard dumb enough to get in my way.