Us Bankruptcy Court Reaffirmation Agreement Form

B6G: calendar of G performance contracts and outstanding leases: lists all remaining contracts in force of the debtor and all remaining leases in force in which the debtor participates. These include car leasing, leases, part-time contracts, service contracts and insurance contracts. B25C: Monthly Operating Report for Small Businesses: This bankruptcy form contains questions that a small business debtor must answer in Chapter 11 on monthly transactions, taxes, income, expenses, profits and other information about the operation of the small business. B6: Calendar summary (with statistical consolidation of certain debts and related data): this bankruptcy form is used by the debtor to indicate whether A-J diagrams are attached to the petition. The debtor also indicates the number of pages for each calendar. The debtor then adds up the amounts of Schemes A and B to determine the total amount of the debtor`s assets. Schedule amounts D, E and F are added together to determine the amount of the debtor`s debts. This form helps the agent and judge take a quick look at the debtor`s insolvency statement. The statistical summary is the second page to be filled out by any debtor submitted in accordance with Chapters 7, 11 or 13 and whose debt is primarily the consumer`s debt. Certain debts and their amounts must be indicated, including family allowances, student loans and taxes owed. B9: Notice of opening of the procedure provided by the bankruptcy code, meeting of creditors and deadlines: informs all interested parties of the bankruptcy filing, the time, the time, the time and place of the meeting of the creditors, the time of filing of documents in the case, instructions for the presentation of the justifications and other information on the case. The form consists of several variants: Forms 9A-9I. These forms must be used based on the type of bankruptcy filed (chapters 7, 11, 12 or 13) and the nature of the debtor (type of debtor, corporation, entity or partnership).

In addition to this comprehensive offer with complete descriptions of each bankruptcy form, you can use our simple drop-down menu to quickly access the insolvency forms you need in the Resources section of your Fresh Today account. Don`t have an account? Sign up for free! One of the reasons people file for bankruptcy is a “relief.” Discharge is a court order that says you don`t have to pay most of your debts. Some debts cannot be repaid. For example, you can`t debts for – the confirmation agreement is a contract between a creditor and a debtor?oncluded after a bankruptcy. The agreement must also be signed by the lawyer and filed with the court. B27: cover sheet for the confirmation agreement: a cover sheet to be submitted with the attached confirmation agreement.