Travis County Ecourtroom User Agreement

This new capacity could go beyond the county`s response to COVID-19. In Harris County last week, judges began to reduce or cancel their dockets and concerts. In combination with a local law enforcement initiative to keep prisons as empty as possible by limiting arrests, judges and lawyers are developing far-reaching arguments, and courts are reducing bail amounts to free more people behind bars, according to the county`s chief public defender. I am ready to announce that. In Travis County, the parties must announce a hearing – confirmation of the hearing is still required and an update of the estimated length of the hearing – the week before the hearing. L.R. 3.2. Therefore, a hearing should be requested before the notice period for that scheduled hearing date has expired, unless the parties have agreed at this stage. L.R. 2.2. In accordance with local rules, hearings, which take place From Monday to Thursday, must be announced the week before the hearing; Friday`s hearings are scheduled to be announced within the week of the hearing. L.R. 3.2.

Announcements are accepted on Mondays from 8 a.m. to Wednesdays at 5 p.m. L.R. 3.2. If you received a decision from Tuesday`s meeting. B, you must announce the hearing the previous week, between Monday and Wednesday. It is important to note that the incorrect announcement may result in the hearing not proceeding as scheduled: “A violation of these ad rules may result in the matter being postponed to the bottom of the dock or reinstated to another docket. Unannounced cases are judged only at the discretion of the court.┬áL.R.

3.7. In most cases, you lose your attitude by not announcing. There are two simple ways to terminate: (1) use the civil online calendaring system; or (2) to complete and file the Civil District Court announcement form. You can no longer be ready by calling the Travis County Administrator. For many judges and officials, the best reference point for the current disruptions to the justice system is Harvey, the disastrous hurricane that dumped more than 50 inches of rain on Houston in 2017. After the storm flooded the county`s criminal justice center and ended the jury trials, the courts were suspended for about three months.