Presidential Choices: Who’s the least worst?

So the 2016 election has been…. eventful to say the least. For the Democrats we have Hillary Clinton, current Secretary of State and who’s email activities are more dubious than the Saturday cartoon villain. And for the Republicans we have Donald Trump, who needs no introduction but has the temperament of a six year old child. So really when it comes down to it the choice is between two candidates who may cause harm to America.

Now on one hand Clinton has the advantage in political experience, and being Secretary of State has given her a bit of experience in diplomacy. However she broke a few rules by using her own private server for her emails for her job instead of the government provided one. And they just ‘happened’ to crash when people started asking questions. Not suspicious at all. Still being a politician makes her think forward and try to stay on the good side of the people who voted her in so she’s less likely to push anything she knows will alienate those voters.

Donald Trump on the other hand…


Yeah the only thing I can say that’s positive about him being elected is that Clinton won’t be president. And even if he is elected he can’t really push through any of his insane claims for the simple reason that he peeved off too many politicians. His own party doesn’t want him, and the Democrats hated him to begin with. His power as president will be severely limited by Congressional interference. But that doesn’t mean he can’t do damage. As the head of our country he would have to open his mouth around other world leaders when they visit.

And on that horrifying note, I’m gonna end this post. Later peoples!

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