Opportunities to make Smart-alec responses

As a smart alec myself, I feel responsible to pass my knowledge onto a worthy heir. But since I’m 17, I don’t have an heir the internet will have to do.

Number 1:

“Wait, I’m thinking.” “Well that’s a bad sign.”

If they say “Wait, I have to come up with a come back” you have to say “IT’S GETTING WORSE!”

Number 2:

“Look in a mirror.” “I am, it’s a one way mirror.”

Number 3:

“I need some smart alec bait!” “I would tell you but you’re not smart enough.”

Number 4:

“How was your day today?” “It’s Monday.” “But it could be worse.” “It’s still Monday.”

Number 5:

“Does this seem reasonable?” “Coming from you? No.”


Well that’s all I have for now, please feel free to use these jokes and remarks.

Please use responsibly.

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