Monthly Archives: March 2014

As a smart alec myself, I feel responsible to pass my knowledge onto a worthy heir. But since I’m 17, I don’t have an heir the internet will have to do.

Number 1:

“Wait, I’m thinking.” “Well that’s a bad sign.”

If they say “Wait, I have to come up with a come back” you have to say “IT’S GETTING WORSE!”

Number 2:

“Look in a mirror.” “I am, it’s a one way mirror.”

Number 3:

“I need some smart alec bait!” “I would tell you but you’re not smart enough.”

Number 4:

“How was your day today?” “It’s Monday.” “But it could be worse.” “It’s still Monday.”

Number 5:

“Does this seem reasonable?” “Coming from you? No.”


Well that’s all I have for now, please feel free to use these jokes and remarks.

Please use responsibly.

Who really needs a reason to blog? I mean it’s just putting random thoughts on the internet. So here are a few of mine:


My science teacher is nuts.

Homework sucks.

Why am I blogging?

…. Yay hot chocolate!

Why did I just post that? Forget I put those words on.

My siblings are fighting with spoons! That is blog worthy!

And those are my random thoughts for this week.

Starting from number 10:

10. Your boss. This is because he’s the one that makes sure you have some money at the end of the week, provided you actually do work.

9. Waiters/Waitresses. They’re the ones handling your food and drinks. Who knows what they might do to it before it reaches your table.

8. Your girlfriend/boyfriend. I think I said enough.

7. Your wife/husband. Also, enough said.

6. A blogger with a lot of followers. They can easily start rumors about you that can ruin your life.

5. Police Officers. They are the law.

4. Your lawyer. Who else is going to defend you in court?

3. Your dad. They are scary when angered.

2. Your mom. You’d have to be suicidal to even think about provoking them.



Ps: Thank you all newly subscribed people who I don’t know or care to list off. You missed your chance at the ‘A poor reason to celebrate’ post. You don’t even get the 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 dollars runner up prize.