I hate tutorials…..

…because they just get so annoying after the fifth part you need to learn in the game. It’s like “Oh you can’t go on unless you learn how to do this thing you may only need to do like, once.” It’s the same as what TV is displaying on pretty much every commercial. At least the game tutorials let you move on after you’re done with them! Commercials on the other hand never leave you alone! I don’t need to know the latest fashion that may go out of style in the next thirty seconds, or that Justin Bieber will be singing at very easy to sell out stadium in I-Don’t-Care Town. I’ll pay attention to what ever I want.

It reminds me of a funny sign I saw in an ice cream truck. It said : “This is NOT Burger King, you don’t get it your way, you get it my or you don’t get a thing!” So if you expect me to blog about the latest video game or the latest life crisis, WELL TO BAD! THIS IS MY BLOG, NOT YOURS! And if you don’t approve, that’s your problem, not mine.

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